February 7, 2016

Best Businesses to Start: Start a Junk Hauling Business

The best business ideas for the everyday person don’t cost a lot to begin with. That’s simply because the everyday person isn’t loaded with cash and can’t afford to take the risks associated with starting a small business. Over half of small businesses fail within their first year of operation, and most people can’t risk putting their life savings on the line for a 50/50 bet. What makes junk hauling a good business to start is that it costs so little to do. If you own a truck, your upstart costs could be essentially zero. Get a good pair of gloves and get behind the wheel. Done. There are a handful of expenses you could afford to swallow when starting to business but, seriously, you probably spend more taking family or friends out to dinner at a sit-down resturant than you could expect to spend by starting a potentially cash-cow business. The state of garbage in this country is critical, and it’s prime time for junk haulers and scrappers nationwide. Read more about that here for a little background info about the industry you’re thinking about entering. Here are five reasons why junk hauling is an easy businesses to start, and why it has the potential to load you up with cash.


best businesses to open: junk removal

Big junk. Big money.

  1. The money. Junk hauling pays WELL. In the beginning, don’t worry about working with something other than CASH. A client puts it in your hand. You’ll have to put a little in the hand of somebody else who is responsibly operating a dump site.  An hourly figure for junk hauling is rough to come by. This isn’t roofing. Every gig is different. It could take you anhour to load a whole bunch of junky plastic lawn chairs from someone’s garage into the back of your truck and it could completely fill that load up with non-paying junk. Non-paying junk means junk that nobody else will pay you for, and which you’ll probably have to wind up paying a landfill to take. On the other hand, it could take you an hour to bust up somebody’s aluminium trailer stuck in the ditch behind their house, and you could run that baby down to the scrap yard and get paid good money for it. So it varies. Best thing you can do is a little research. Find out which scrap yard has the best prices, and is the closest to you. Maybe it’s worth it to drive an hour away with a good load of scrap if they pay more for it somewhere else and your truck doesn’t guzzle gas like the worst of them. Use the internet. Find out what it costs you to dump at a landfill. Google “Tipping Fee Landfill ______ [your area]” or “Waste Disposal ______ [your area]” and go after the sites that have a “.gov” instead of a “.com”, as these are official reports of landfill sites, most of which are government run. Check this site out to see what kind of information you’re looking for. Find out what it costs you to dump plastic chairs at that landfill, and whether or not you can dump a bunch of old insulation off at that same place. Before you start advertising your service, it’s best you know as much as you can about what you should expect once you leave the client’s place with a load full of junk. A rule of thumb – metal, good. Rubber and plastic, bad.
best business to open

Junk 2 Profits: Top-Selling Hauling Guide on the 'Net

  1. Inexpensive startup costs.  If you don’t have a truck, just rent one. Heck, I saw a guy scrapping out of the back of his Geo Prizm once. No lie. A chunk of aluminium was hanging out of his trunk and he was on his way to make $100 in scrap on it. He knew what he was doing because he did his research and had a scrapper’e eye. Rent a trailer if you’ve got a ball hitch. If you are going to rent a truck, make sure you plan in advance several jobs to do on the day you’ve got the truck, so you’re not stuck cruising the business loop on bought time chasing after no good money. A well planned truck rental day can end with you driving a friend down to the river to take in the sunset.
  2. Work part time from home. Haul on weekends. Haul in the evenings after your job. Don’t bother trying to work for another junk hauler. Don’t even think about it. Might as well go get a job at Wendy’s. If you find a catalytic converter or gold watch in someone’s big nasty junk pile, you want to be the one who gets to keep it.  Junk haulers make their own schedule – but they’ve got to stick strictly to it. Hauler’s ettiquite is critical to success in this business.
  3. Demand for the service.Americans, more than ever, are paying for junk removal services. In most places, costs of garbage disposal are going up. As a junk hauler, you’re essentially competing with the garbage men. If someone can fit it in their bin and the trash company can take it, they won’t call you. Some things the garbage guys won’t take. Tires, for instance (in most places). If you know how to add and subtract, you can find profit for yourself in hauling trash that the garbage companies won’t take. Say a landfill charges 10 bucks a tire when you drop them off. Charge 20 bucks a tire when you pick them up. Load wisely, don’t drive the same block twice in a day, or even in a week, and you’ll make money there.
  4. No marketing costs. Find your audience online, free: craigslist, Google, Yahoo, and Yelp. You won’t pay for billboards. You won’t pay to have some bozo stand at an intersection twirling your sign around (unless you can get your kid to work for free). The best business opportunities are ones that are built for the penny-pinching promoter. That’s probably you. We’ll help you make a good craigslist ad, one that blows the other faceless “competition” out of the water.
  5. Treasure hunting. People trash some VALUABLE items. As a junk hauler, you can clean good stuff up and sell it on eBay or craigslist. It’s good if you’ve got a garage or storage unit to use as a landing pad for potentially valuable items you come up with on the hunt. One time I found a brass statue half buried in the mud, under a rotten couch, and sold it on craigslist for $200. That’s small-fry compared to other stories I’ve heard. Small business ideas that don’t have an element of luck involved are better left by the wayside. You’ll have to be good at hauling junk, but so are other guys. It wouldn’t be worth doing if there wasn’t the thrill of the hunt.

Junk Hauling is Arguably the Best Small Business to Start.

It’s not just another good business to start like so many deals you’ll find on craigslist. This isn’t bogus. People have been doing it for ages. What’s different now is that trash disposal costs are going up, recycling is “in”, and “hording” is being exposed as a disorder by the media. There are more junked up garages out there than ever, and less ways for people to take care of it themselves than ever before. Scrappers, start your engines. Junk haulers, hook up your trailers. After a couple hours researching and studying, it’s cash time.



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