February 12, 2016

Starting a Junk Removal Business?  You have some HOMEWORK to do…

Think about this:  Why would anyone hire you?  And how will they find you in the first place?  What are you going to do with all that junk?  Are you prepared…truly prepared…to make money hauling junk?  It looks so simple, but new haulers fail every day.  Why?  Because they didn’t do their homework.

I’ve DONE THE HOMEWORK.  Here’s what I’ve got for you…

1.  My BEST SELLING EBOOK:  A guide to get you through those scary first 2 weeks.

“The Definitive Guide to Starting a Junk Removal Business”  is a book you read on your computer.  It’s  full of critical information I collected from actual junk haulers.  Topics:

  1. Paperwork.  Although home based businesses are appealing, there is a need to do paperwork when starting a new small business. Filing the forms and licenses to ensure that you’re LEGAL.
  2. Advertising. Where to find businesses that need hauling services consistently all year and how to secure their business.  How to get listed on the first page of Google and the other 13 Internet directories (Yahoo, Yelp, Citysearch, and more) where customers are searching for you.
  3. Junk Moving Equipment.  Trucks, trailers, dollies, back braces, boots, gloves…everything you need to do it SAFE and RIGHT.
  4. Customer Service.The 5 things you must do on every job to ensure that you will get repeat business and referrals.
  5. Landfills.Don’t go straight to the landfill!  Many items can be donated to charity or even sold for a profit. Tricks to keep your costs down.
  6. The 15 Most Common Hauling Jobs.  How to haul them.  How to price them. Not all hauling jobs are equal!  Some take twice as long to fill your truck.  Others involve extra fees (office equipment, computers, etc.).  I give you tips on how to approach each unique request.
  7. 5 Hazardous Items you CAN’T Haul.There are 5 items that most counties will not allow junk handlers to transport.  Know them before you make a mistake.


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What can you hand out to prospects–neighbors, real estate agents, construction companies, contractors, and more–that doesn’t go straight to the trash bin?  I designed a flyer with a unique, polished appearance that MAKES A STRONG FIRST IMPRESSION.

  • Order online.  Upload to Vista Print, place your order, and receive your flyers within days.
  • Easily customized.  I show you how, in a video.
  • Glossy finish.  Tidy design.  More memorable than a business card.


website template for junk haulers

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The whole world can find you online, but WEBSITES DON’T COME CHEAP:  $250 for the design, and $130 a year for hosting.  Starting a business costs you more than you need to spend, so I put together a template for you, and it’s JUST FOR JUNK HAULING AND TRASH REMOVAL.  The details:

  • Free hosting.  No setup fees.  No monthly fees.  No fees at all…ever.
  • New design.  We just refreshed the template in March 2012 to achieve a more modern, personal look.
  • Easy setup.  Watch a brief video showing you how to set up and customize your junk removal website.
  • See a preview.  Go here to see this just-for-haulers template.
  • Want a domain? Like bostonjunkremoval.com?   We can set that up for you.
  • An instant online presence.  Set up takes about 10 minutes and your website is LIVE.
  • Search engine guide.  Tips on getting listed (and found) on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Citysearch, and more.
  • Collect reviews.  Also includes proven tactics to acquire reviews from your customers to create a fast-growing buzz about your company.

We asked our customers:  Can you really learn junk hauling online?

“I bought a trailer off a local classified ad and have been doing junk removal. It is truly an awesome business and I wish I started YEARS ago! Lots of the items you remove or that end up in your trailer are good, usable and sellable! I have had the good fortune of getting 5 gallon buckets of paint that had never been opened (repaint my house inside & outside!), enough baseboards to redo my house, flat screens, radios, 6 panel doors, lawn mowers, china cabinets, uncashed money orders (returned them to the property owner even though the payee was blank), brand new in the box ceiling fans, light fixtures, tools, saws, drills, pressure washers, fishing gear, ammo, home gym set like you see at the health club with squat rack, bench, lat pull down, v rope, etc,… Recently I had so much furniture in MY garage that I asked a family member if I could store “a few” things in their garage while I advertise it all for sale and hold garage sales. I ended up accumulating so much so fast that they grew angry with me at the amount of stuff in their garage… An antique rocking chair, office chair and a nice wooden antique table calmed them down…

It’s a great business!”

Chris Sanchez

“I am always skeptical of buying “how to” things online. I admit that I was very pleased when I received the information in this ebook. The craigslist ad section pays for itself, the rest is icing on the cake. Bob even helped me after the purchase with questions I had. He responded through email immediately. I would recommend this product.”

I’ll Take That Rubbish Removal Solutions

“Thanks for the great tips. Got my junk hauling business set up quickly with your help.”

Enterprise Waste Services

“Hi, Mr.Kepple first I would like to thank you, I purchased your e-book and used your ad on craigslist and it works! It more than paid for itself!”

Luis Garcia
American Junk Haulers

“I actually started my business with your Junk 2 Profit business kit. It was the first info on the junk business I purchased. It has been very helpful.”

Michael Rabon
Saturday Junk

So what’s this cost, and why should you buy it?

This information can’t be found free online (I interviewed a lot of haulers putting it together).  A graphic designer would charge $350 to put together a website and flyer.  So I initially wanted to ask $95 for it all.  And it would be worth every penny, because you can’t get this offer anywhere else.  But that’s a lot to ask from someone who hasn’t hauled a single load or made a single penny.  I want to make this affordable, as I know how risky it is to invest in a new business.  So how about $25…for EVERYTHING.

Not convinced?  Here’s a bonus!

AUDIO RECORDING:  An interview with Atlanta’s top junk hauler.  LEARN from his experience.

junk hauler

Casey Walsh: Owner, Stand Up Guyz Junk Removal of Atlanta, GA.

What if you could sit down with one of the country’s most successful young junk haulers and ask him everything a new hauler would want to learn from someone who’s built one from scratch?  I’ve done this for you.  Listen in as I ask Casey:

  • Why do junk haulers fail?
  • How do you keep landfill, gas, and labor costs down?
  • How to estimate jobs on the phone?
  • How he turns “callers” in to “buyers.”
  • Four tips for avoiding injury.
  • Timing junk runs.
  • How he would get his first 5 jobs, if he started again today.
  • What businesses need junk hauling year ’round…and how to find them.
  • …and MUCH MORE!

Order now and you’re in business…TOMORROW.

Download the materials (in Adobe PDF format) to your computer just 30 SECONDS after you place your order.  Read the ebook.  Post your craigslist ad.  Post your website.  People will FIND YOU and CALL YOU.  And you’ll be ready to do the work and collect the cash…because you DID YOUR HOMEWORK.

$326 of CRITICAL tools for your new business for JUST $25. Consider the Value:

To your Success,

Bob Keppel
Webmaster and Author


PS:  Did I mention my GUARANTEE?

If for any reason, any reason at all, you don’t feel “The Junk Hauling Blueprint” was worth anything less than $25, just email me within 60 days and I’ll IMMEDIATELY REFUND YOUR MONEY.  It’s a truly risk-free opportunity.  Order here.